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Part 2 Project 2021
Nayoung Kim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
Phase 01. Identity of Seun Industrial District
In the dense and small industrial district around Seun Shopping Mall, a mega commercial building, there is an inner area that people can hardly reach, that is, “Blind Area”.

Phase 02. Strategy for Seun
There is an experience of having a sequence on the journey to “Blind Area"". At this time, the spatial impression and undesigned irregularities are important factors in maintaining the identity of the region.

Phase 03. Specific Strategy for Seun
Starting with this project, resurrection of existing values and the overall connections from the systematic formation could be essential regional identities, that should correspond to the towering shopping mall.

Phase 04. Experience in Seun
The main reason how this project can have a sustainable direction is it preserves the structure of experience that people have felt in the existing areas, while at the same time, presenting a better journey. This is implemented in ""Blind Area"" and is the local identity of Seun District.

Nayoung Kim

Jieun Lee
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