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Tailoring Camouflage

Part 2 Project 2021
Claudia Robalino
Royal College of Art | UK
“Tailoring Camouflage” is a portal in the city of Quito to the Amazon rainforest. It is a project about the role of the body and the value of the Huaorani women as nurtures and constructors of the forest, transcribed through oral histories. Resulting in a parallel understanding of the chakra as a garden of knowledge through performative occupation and the conflicting relationships between indigenous and Western world-views.

With its multiple fabricated realities, the Ecuadorian Amazon is approached through the tenuous and intimate dialogues of body and earth, learning from the self-sufficient practices of the Huaorani people to understand expressive camouflage as a form of inhabitation. In the direction of the amazon, the intervention proposes an inhabited urban garden in the Andes, built upon the principles of a chakra. A transcription of living methodologies based on cultural understandings of seasons, crops, rituals, and space.

The garden becomes a frame for coexistence, with the experience of cycles of our body and those of nature; equinoxes, solstices, sunrise and sunset, birth and death, moments of harvest and storage, growth and transformation in the life of a living environment. A communion between human and nonhuman, between natural and artificial and a performative frame for growth.

Claudia Robalino

Valle Medina
Benjamin Reynolds
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