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Postcard from Bikini

Part 2 Project 2021
Teodora Madanska
Vanya Dimitrova
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
Bikini Atoll is a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean that became the first nuclear testing site after WW2. The events that took place on the atoll were a carefully constructed theatrical play meant to outline fear as the main protagonist in the daily lives of generations of people and served as catalyst of the Cold War. The project uses this theatrical approach with the opposite purpose - to demythologize atomic weapons and to debunk the idea that the fear of nuclear conflict is the only means of preserving peace. By disintegrating the "play" into the individual "roles" comprising it, we aim to create several different perspectives on the same events. The truth about Bikini is not unambiguous, and getting to know its history from five different points of view: the indigenous population of the atoll, the army and politicians of the US, atomic veterans, pacifists and civilians, each with its inherent biases, would provide the visitor with the opportunity to make up their own individual interpretation of the events. The memorial respects the presented cultural values and purposefully preserves the isolated nature of the place, informing the public while simultaneously trying to counteract the possibility of commercial touristic practice.

Teodora Madanska
Vanya Dimitrova

Donika Georgieva
Aneta Vasileva
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