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Part 1 Project 2022
Jelena Pecic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
Guided by the current state of the subject location, which gives a clear indication of the conflict between two typologies, orthogonal, residential settlement Senjak on one hand and completely free gird of the Sajam complex and the river on the other, the concept of duality arises_ to create a complete ambient that contradicts the environment.

Raising the structures to certain heights, allows the free movement of people and the indulgence of greenery_ the main actor in creating a united yet opposite ambience. At different levels there are elements of ground floor that create a set of activities available on the site, while at the same time creating the integrity of the entire structure.

The idea of leafing is reflected in the design of housing units, sub-walls on the ground floor, and the indication that this structure, if desired can be infinite in its strokes feeling free to consume its environment.

Jelena Pecic

Ivan Raskovic
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