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Part 1 Project 2022
Jovana Branko Lazarevic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
Inspiration and starting point for designing was abstracted personal experience of the Bigz building, which is located not far from location. Key terms that emerged and were taken into account in further elaboration are mobility, networking, different patterns and constant playfulness that attracts observers.

Thinking about the functional significance of the building and what it would represent today, idea of a 3D printing factory arose. Concept of work and life of this structure that serves for production, temporary housing and technology park is realized through 5 levels - 4 horizontally placed networks on which work (grouped around verticals) or housing units (grouped around greenery) alternately move and tubes through which printed products move from printers to user's work units.

Structure creates and provides effect of a play for visitors of the park, which contributes to the role of man in relation to the monumentality of the machine that takes place around.

Jovana Branko Lazarevic

Ana Nikezic
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