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Part 2 Project 2022
Mohammad Mostafa Al Arnaout
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
This project indulges in finding synergies between the emerging potential of fungi (mycelium), and its role in restoring Anthropogenic lands. As described by Paul Stamets, a process of mycoremediation has the potential to restore soil quality and infuse its bond by more than 200%. Another factor this project accounts for is restoring anthropogenic sites back into the community, where these sites are considered a resort for the urban expansion of our future cities.

The site for this project settles in a large quarry, Badbhoun Quarry, in Chekka, Lebanon’s north district, where the area has been suffering from quarrying activities led by two large cement industries, which have grown uncontrollably, due to the absence of any urban limits, this has led to a detrimental effect on the land, the people, and the environment.

The project approaches the problem, by proposing an agricultural restoration prototype, that adopts the mycoremediation process, which is based on bio-structures of mycelium and takes advantage of the verticality generated by the quarry and transforming it into a vertical farm, that would increase the efficiency of farming. This prototype is then spread around the extremities of the quarry would limit its expansion, and restore it back to use.

Mohammad Mostafa Al Arnaout

Hesham El-Arnaouty
Prof. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi
Shady Khoury
Khaled Sadek
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