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Part 2 Project 2022
Nevena Nikolic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
The way of separating - merging two spaces, is constantly examined in architecture and is studied differently in the West and the East. This work will rely largely on the thoughts of Eastern architects, with a permeation of Western philosophical claims.

The boundary as one of the main factors of space can be understood as an interzone and as such can never be just one line. It can absolutely always be decomposed into several selves - into several layers which are in fact very simple, and in different relations give a different complex idea. Whichever boundary contains cavities and thresholds as ways of connecting two spaces, and by skilfully manoeuvring these elements in architecture, a vague division between the two zones is reached.

This approach leads to the permeation and disgust of the two spaces into each other, making them more fluid. The paper will deal with the research of the mentioned concepts of one border with the aim of determining different possibilities of the symbiosis of architecture and nature, also nature and man.

Nevena Nikolic

Dejan Miletic
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