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Chisehale Mental Wellness Centre

Part 1 Project 2022
Joseph Williams
University for the Creative Arts | UK
Chisenhale Mental Wellness Centre has been designed to promote healing and treatment of mental illness within Tower Hamlets. The design works to integrate nature into everyday life, harnessing its healing properties through interaction and materiality. Over 10% of the population suffer with a form of mental illness. Therefore, the aim was to provide a place for healing, to disconnect, talk with others and rebalance. Things that are rare today.

The centre provides individual and group areas, exercise spaces, scientifically proven treatments and private overnight rooms. There is a focus on clean air, nature and natural light – all of which proven to improve mental wellness. Natural materials such as tulipwood have been used throughout due to their effects on aiding mental healing. The building is also designed to reduce air pollution and increase biodiversity.

The design acknowledges the fragile, complicated nature of recovery, providing a safe environment to heal within. I created my own 8-point framework to design optimally for mental wellness; this included interaction with nature, access to natural light, and use of softwoods. The entire design, from the structural strategy to the floor plans, down to material details, is focussed on creating a healing environment that encourages mental wellness.

Joseph Williams

Alex Cotterill
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