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Fecund Vacancy: The Architecture of Succession

Part 2 Project 2022
James Peter Emery
Architectural Association | UK
Set in London, a microcosm of ongoing global ecological and existential crises, the project seeks to safeguard brownfield sites across the city as vital spaces for non-human inhabitation and increased biodiversity.

More than this though, the project sets in motion a practice positioning the architect as a mediator between human and non-human worlds.

Striving for the integration and symbiosis of these two disparate worlds, the project is less concerned with finding architectural resolution, believing this to be impossible. Instead, it calls for the architect to embrace uncertainty in partnership with the processes of ecological succession; challenging the architect to operate over vast expanses of time regarding the succession of not just the material and social structures we put in place but also our role within it.

James Peter Emery

Inigo Minns
Manijeh Verghese
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