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Part 1 Project 2022
Jose Luis Rubio Bosch
London Metropolitan University | UK
This year I had the opportunity to design two projects. The first is a small library located in Hackney Central and the second is an extension of it using the adjacent building. In this way much of the existing building is retained, greatly reducing the emission of pollutant gases and allowing it to fit into the context of the area.

The design is perfectly adapted to its context because its socio-cultural and historical context has been taken into account from the beginning.

The project seeks to revitalise an area now in decline by trying to create a public building where the Hackney community can meet and use it freely.

It also affects the urban context by transforming it in a positive way by connecting two of the most important streets in the area and creating green and accessible circulation spaces for everyone.

Jose Luis Rubio Bosch

Liam Ashmore
Alex Butterworth
Katherine Nolan
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