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Bottle as Bioreactor: A Making of Place in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Part 1 Project 2022
Jemima Grace Dabell
Loughborough University | UK
A period of urban planning that prioritised cars over pedestrians in developed areas has seen many variations of seemingly non-sinister ring roads. Less confrontational than the overwhelming ring that defines islands of spaces in cities and towns, is the nitrogen dioxide, particulates and carbon that remain stagnant in the atmosphere.

The proposition for the site sees a shift in the entire project title, starting life as “A place for making in Stoke-on-Trent.”, and completing as “A making of place in Newcastle-under-Lyme”. I completely reject the pollution, borrowed identity, and eroded health of Newcastle as a place.

The driver of the building is an eco-fuel generator, using bioreactors filled with algae to clean the air and create biofuels. It includes a mechanism that stimulates the gentle rotation of the building maximising sunlight exposure to each of the bioreactors. This public realm landmark is oriented towards the town centre to establish the building.

The proposition also consists of a temporary housing centre owned by the Lyme Trust, which provides emergency housing to victims of domestic abuse, as well as a regeneration centre dedicated to bringing empty homes into use in Newcastle.

Jemima Grace Dabell

Benjamin Machin
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