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Soho Creative Gardens

Part 1 Project 2022
Patryk Filuk
University of East London London | UK
My intention for this project is to build a strong community of local artists and people who will collaborate, acquire new skills, and support one another. The semi-public area in front of the building will provide the city with additional green space.

To maintain the history of this place, this project proposes a green courtyard with elements of the original building from 1733 as a respect to the past. The preservation of the Garlic & Shot will keep the atmosphere of the entertaining culture of Soho, inhabiting this place for almost 24h a day. The new building, constructed modularly with Cross Laminated Timber panels, will house the Gallery space on the ground floor and affordable open-plan studios for artists on the upper floors. Green outdoor spaces will help to increase levels of positive energy and will allow users to feel secure and relaxed.

The majority of the contribution to the environment will be made through the reuse of existing walls to support new construction, the careful selection of low carbon and recycled materials, and the use of natural light and ventilation.

Patryk Filuk

Alice D'Andrea
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