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Slow Structures

Part 2 Project 2022
Katrina Van Hasselt
London Metropolitan University | UK
Slow food is a way of living and eating, a movement that began in the 80’s as a response to the consequences of commercial food systems. Over 70% of land area in the UK is used for agriculture, where farming practices harms the natural ecology through masses of monocrop plantations.

Situated in the Walthamstow Wetlands – an ecologically biodiverse site in North London – a co-existence with wildlife is explored in how a building and its users might be ‘good’ to nature. Greenhouses at roof level offer an economical solution to the present food crisis whilst at ground, the raised structures encourage wildlife to flourish and acknowledges the floodplain on which it stands.

The proposal embodies the principles of demountable architecture, addressing the importance of lifecycle. Each stage of the process considers the ecology of the site, and the recognition of the seasons provides a link to nature in the city - an invaluable resource we take for granted in London.

Nature will thrive independent of us as human beings, so we should look to repair our relationship with the earth and encourage a co-existence between managed and wild environments that are intrinsically linked to our lives in the city.

Katrina Van Hasselt

David Grandorge
Ted Swift
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