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Organic Cloud Resilience

Part 2 Project 2022
Mohammed Al-Ali
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The Organic Cloud Resilience is a crypto mining infrastructure that uses the flood water to generate clean energy and to cool down the system of the mining farm.

The utopian project speculates on a dystopian scenario where Kingston Upon Hull starts adapting a new local crypto currency, Hull Coin, to boost its economic independence after suffering economical debts building flood resistance projects that keep on failing due to global warming.

The projects addresses issues relating to crypto currency such as virtual economy trust, security, physical benefit, and energy consumption. It is an attempt to find solutions through architectural interventions built collectively to create a massive machine that becomes a monumental infrastructure for the future of Hull.

The design of the building starts to adapt a narrative similar to a religious space where water is considered holy, elevating the status of the smaller industrial elements that control the process, thus making the infrastructure sacred.

The Water Archbishop, the main stakeholder and the architect of the infrastructure, is in charge of orchestrating the different systems to maintain Hull’s locality. Though, their identity remains anonymous, (E.M.M.A.), controlled by them, overlooks the infrastructure’s operations.

Mohammed Al-Ali

Mellisa Kinnear
Alex Towler
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