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The World Waste Exchange 2025-2040

Part 2 Project 2022
Jamil Navaz Badrudin Dossa
Lucy Rebecca Stittle
University of Sheffield | UK
In the context of the climate crisis, global corruption and resource scarcity, The World Waste Exchange foregrounds and materialises the geopolitics of waste corruption, the extent of which remains obscured and hidden in our city's peripheries and countries abroad where it is exported. Waste becomes a disappearing act because we've been ignorant of its value.
Wealthy nations quietly dump billions of tonnes of waste in countries unable to process and recycle it sustainably.

Taking inspiration from the magic realism of Sarajevan's resilience during the 1992-1996 siege, the satirical project offers a new way of seeing and engaging with waste. Interrogating waste through forensic and archaeological lenses, the project's optimistic and whimsical propositions switch between personal and planetary scales, all the while grounded in a layering of historical, current and predicted data on Sarajevo. In the speculative scenario, Dariva cleans Sarajevo's waste on the front stage but secretly mines it for building components backstage. The design subverts colonial archetypes of hierarchy and dominance in Western European Architecture by reappropriating waste building components using the theory of Collage City. Employing self-sufficiency as a form of resilience, Dariva uses waste as currency, which they process through their analogue waste plant.

Jamil Navaz Badrudin Dossa
Lucy Rebecca Stittle

Lucy Dinnen
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