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The World’s Largest Ship Graveyard

Part 2 Project 2022
Moin Mahomad Rafik
University of Westminster | UK
Alang in India was once known as the Land of Lakes, Sea and Temples. Now it’s known as the world’s ‘Ship Graveyard.’ Every year hundreds of ships and oil rigs are cut apart by low-paid migrants. The once idyllic coast with thriving coral reefs, marine ecology and fishing boats is now critically damaged due to the anthropogenic activities.

The project seeks to unite Alang’s past identity, building on the traditional Hindu rituals and cultures into a strategy that not only heals people spiritually but heals the landscape and the environment. The proposal envisages ‘A Temple of Reincarnation’ designed to facilitate existing rituals and introduce new seasonal ones. The temple seeks to resurrect the edge of Alang, taking advantage of the ship parts to create a new typology where making and housing are integrated within the temple, and in doing so, reincarnating, and reigniting life back within the graveyard.

Moin Mahomad Rafik

Nasser Golzari
Dr Yara Sharif
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