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Climate Action Assembly

Part 2 Project 2022
Keerthigan Thavaseelan
University for the Creative Arts | UK
Climate Action Assembly provides a hub for environmental NGOs, scientists and climate activists. The modular, temporary and nomadic forum can be assembled in different locations and in a variety of sizes and site-specific configurations. The shown local configuration is situated in central London. Using a disused public carpark as its temporary site, the structure is located opposite the Shell Building and in close proximity to other organisations that currently contribute to climate disinformation. Accommodating offices, workshops and service spaces around a central assembly and event space, the CAA provides an interface with the general public to research, learn about, and discuss climate change and to catalyse climate action. Combining low- and high-tech components, the building is predominantly made out of pre-existing, ‘ready-made’ structural systems, i.e. scaffolding and prefabricated CLT modules. The two standard systems are augmented by bespoke and dynamic solutions for video and light projections and installations. A set of solar-powered louvres and LED panels translate otherwise intangible and invisible climate data, such as CO2 emissions, into visual information and immersive spatial environments. Occupying a highly frequented public space in London, the forum provides a stage for collaboration and public debate to reframe our perception of climate change.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan

Gabor Stark
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