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The Oma Super Jellyfish Festival

Part 2 Project 2022
Elisabeth Jia Ying Yaw
National University of Singapore | Singapore
Intense and more frequent jellyfish blooms are progressively becoming a problem for Japanese fishermen, encouraged by unsustainable levels of fishing. Oma, a historical bluefin tuna fishing village, has been hit especially hard by the critically low bluefin tuna fish stock and waves of jellyfish that spoil their catches.

This thesis hopes to employ the jellyfish disturbance as a tool for ecological and architectural adaptation, It reimagines the disturbance as a beautiful transformation that engages with deep-rooted beliefs and culture of the small traditional fishing village of Oma.

The Super Jellyfish Festival interacts with the existing tuna fishing landscape, at once empowering the struggling community, whilst maintaining a connection to the past.

Elisabeth Jia Ying Yaw

Peter Sim
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