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Redivivus – A Way of Overcoming Oblivion

Part 2 Project 2022
Daniel David Timofan
University of Strathclyde | UK
Today’s Venice is a city where changes brought by modernity— fast-paced life, globalisation, consumerism, and climate crisis — are put into sharp relief. Serenissima has become a commodity and her material/immaterial heritage, her inhabitants’ skills and knowledge that over centuries produced a unique intertwining of architecture, craft and culture today seems as much threatened from tourism-induced amnesia as from rising waters.

Can Venetians regain a sense of belonging and control over the city?

Can the visible/invisible tension, drawn by Italo Calvino, nurture a sense of mystery rather than a rupture?

Redivivus presents an architectural imaginary, where restitution of skills and culture of boat building becomes a kernel for reforming Venice’s economy, diminishing her tourism reliance. Located on Arsenale di Venezia, the project imagines a constellation of architectures arranged according to the spatial logic of pre-industrial ship-building technology, as captured by Maria Mafioletti. Grounded in historic nautical infrastructure, looks to go beyond the past and towards an unfolding of history into the future. Coupled with institutional revival of craft and use of modern materials, the ever-present element of water becomes a medium for Venice to regain and re-invent her unique identity, as the Most Serene of all cities.

Daniel David Timofan

Piotr Lesniak
Gordon Murray
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