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Part 2 Project 2022
Philippa Jane Oakes
University of Westminster | UK
This project proposes the development of the Interdisciplinary Dales Institute, providing a centre for learning and research in a collaborative environment. Here, scientific and artistic disciplines share resources and knowledge, rejecting the divergence of these practices in most universities.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has outlined a number of problems with the status quo of developments. Restricting developments has left the population ageing and dwindling, and the economy stagnating as a result. This interdisciplinary university demonstrates a method of sensitively and sustainably inhabiting even the most protected landscapes, while bringing new skills and industry to the national park, pooling expertise across disciplines to solve global problems.

The linear structure terraces across Barden Moor’s undulating landscape and spans reservoir, heathland, bog and fell, suspended above its protected ecology. It samples traditional Dales forms and salvaged materials, in spaces which aim to encourage discourse and collaboration while both sheltering from, and inviting, the surrounding wild.

Philippa Jane Oakes

Gillian Lambert
Geoff Shearcroft
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