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Across the Wall

Part 2 Project 2022
Tetsuya Saito
Architectural Association | UK
On February 2nd 2022, the UK government published its Levelling Up the United Kingdom white paper; An extensive document proposing 12 missions under 4 objectives to address and narrow the economic and social disparities across the country. It is not merely a political act, but can also be seen as an opportunity to reimagine our everyday life, through alternative architectural approaches for living collectively in a rural condition.

The project would explore this notion, by introducing a new horticultural community in a former coalfield, where their social, economic and communitive knot had been loosened by the closure of mining facilities in the early 2000. Alternative heated wall systems using the abandoned mining water would create a landscape of fruit production and 99 homes. By reimaging the clean, the intimate, the exposed, the hot and cold, the alternative way of collective living would bridge the gap between the sensorial atmosphere and the social action.

Tetsuya Saito

Lawrence Barth
Lucy Styles
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