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Callach on the Cromarty Firth

Part 2 Project 2022
Harry Henderson
University of Sheffield | UK
The transition is evident on the edges of the water. We are moving from extractive industries to more generative ones. Yards that once built oil platforms now fabricate cutting edge renewable technologies. I have proposed a new form of coastal urbanism in the Highlands of Scotland, investigating the practicalities of a community living on oil infrastructure, examining how a society might positively respond to the climate emergency. This project conjures up an alternative housing solution, reacting to a very real state of global energy transition.

A mosaic of charactered communities, this new cluster of neighbourhoods is built on platforms that had once been destined for the smelter. Callach is a wishful vision maybe, but this method of research critically led me to ask important questions surrounding the climate emergency, community-led development and building healing strategies. A recipe for sustainable and flexible living, this model can be adapted to any marine environment. The past, present, and future of the North Sea directly impacts areas like the Cromarty Firth. I believe now, in the tipping moment of the energy transition, is the critical time to act on opportunities for community regeneration, and ensure the benefits are shared to all.

Harry Henderson

John Sampson
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