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Llegada: The Story of Arrival

Part 2 Project 2023
Stephano Varikkanikkal
University of East London London | UK
Lanzarote, one of the Islands in the Canary Islands archipelagos, has been seeing an enormous increase in the arrival of illegal migrants due to the climate crisis and the pandemic. Even after a traumatic African - Atlantic journey in the boats, the existing procedures of arrival make them even more distressed due to several reasons – lack of a proper immediate healthcare, never-ending delay to regroup with the family, etc. The first 72 hours of the migrants are spent in crowded, substandard, and un-sustainable situations. This project is an effort to fundamentally make a change in the experience of the new arriving migrants, a better starting point of their future in Lanzarote.

Llegada is an effort in creating a better arrival experience to kick start the migrants’ future in Lanzarote and help them cope with the trauma from the journey itself. This includes spaces like immediate health clinics and retreat centers for the arriving migrants, and an urban beach, landscaped swimming pools and a water sports center for the local community, to function during reduced migrant arrival. Integrating the arriving migrants into the urban fabric of the existing community meanwhile introducing a harmony between the local community and the arriving migrants.

Stephano Varikkanikkal

Armor Gutierrez Rivas
Rosa Rogina
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