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Part 1 Project 2023
Anastasia Bucur
University of Greenwich | UK
The corral sits in the center of Hebden Bridge and serves the community as an extension to the town hall. It features a communal kitchen, a dining area, an events space, a community amphitheater, woodworking, and gardening workshops.

The building’s walls, gaps, and apertures are aligned to frame specific views across the spaces of the scheme, to highlight scenes of everyday life and to create a sense of depth within the architecture.

The St. Antholin church analysis concluded that the interpretation of a given view could change depending on the angle of the perceiver. This manipulation of space through framing was applied to the Dean Village site, as well as to the conception of the Corral. The Corral adds an extra dimension of time, as the building’s materials age, trees grow, fruit is harvested seasonally, and the spaces are punctuated by seasonal and social events.

Anastasia Bucur

Jonathan Walker
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