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Lovelock 2100: The Novacene Assemblage

Part 2 Project 2023
Mark Chin Jian Onn
University of Greenwich | UK
"We are at a defining moment in human history as climate change presents an urgent challenge. With each day pushing us closer to the Climate Tipping Points thresholds. The Novacene Assemblage is a project that aims to speculate and extrapolate the theories of James Lovelock, primarily his profound theories on the concept of Earth as an interconnected superorganism - Gaia Theory and his interest in the potential for AI to save the world.

As we battle the consequences of climate change and question humanity's fractured relationship with nature, there is an ecological awareness awakening that probes us to reconsider our role in the world. The project adopts a multidisciplinary approach that spans from philosophical concepts to scientific empirical observations. The project is a journey of understanding and exploring the bridge between humanity with the natural world.

G.A.I.R.A. is an Artificial Intelligence Geoengineering Project that combines the mechanical systems of technology with the feedback loops of nature. G.A.I.R.A. collects inhumane amount of data across the globe to formulate geoengineering intervention to support Gaia in achieving homeostasis.

G.A.I.R.A. will become seamlessly integrated into the narrative of nature and become part of the intricate tapestry of Gaia for the preservation of Earth's equilibrium.

Mark Chin Jian Onn

Mr Rahesh Ram
Lucy Sanders
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