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Space on Earth: Satellite Testing Research Innovation Centre for Spaceport, Cornwall

Part 1 Project 2023
Eva Meredith
Falmouth University Falmouth | UK
This proposal for Spaceport’s live project satellite testing Technical Research and Innovation Centre is intended to make space science and technology more accessible to the community and wider public, whilst providing the sustainable environment for the space industry and research to flourish. The project explores and is inspired by the synergies between nature and technology and the idea that their intersection might generate innovation.

The project embodies a spatial strategy for interaction and collaboration: - educational space intertwined with technical facilities, launch mission control and workspaces. The concept is that the building complex should inspire future generations about space, science, and engineering.

The visitor experience is composed as a journey which frames and juxtaposes views of technology as exhibits and the natural environment throughout the building. This idea is also expressed through an integrated approach to biodiversity and interpretation of technology within both the masterplan and the building envelope.

Sustainable construction has been considered with the inclusion of conventional assemblies, combining natural materials such as timber framing and CLT with more advanced technologies harnessing biomaterials such as mycelium, which exemplify the idea of innovation through intersecting nature and technology and client’s ambition for ‘Space for Good.’

Eva Meredith

Tanya Griffiths
Tiago Pinto Da Costa
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