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Sound City

Part 1 Project 2023
Kong Ling
University of Liverpool | UK
The slow decline of the British High Street has been well documented. They once were the center of communal and social life, often featuring a pub, a post office, a greengrocer, and a butcher etc.

Sound City is a new cultural hub for Liverpool located on Williamson Square. The project focuses on Liverpool’s music heritage and looks to reintroduce this culture into the heart of the city. The building's aim is to bring energy and dynamism back to the center by creating a flexible and adaptable framework for the creation and celebration of music culture.

A series of disused existing buildings form the foundation of the project. The buildings are stripped back to their structural frame and slab construction, by removing all existing non load bearing walls the series of buildings are brought together into a single multi gridded space. New spaces are carved out of the existing frame to create a variety of volumes for various social and performance spaces. New frameworks are added to form an inhabitable and dynamic facade as well as prefabricated rooms which hold more intelligent, controlled spaces such as recording studios, a radio station and library.

As well as the culture hub, a new temporary performance space, designed as movable transformer, allows for the square itself to become an event space for large concerts, small intimate performances, or musical theater.

Kong Ling

Alexander Turner
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