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The Alderney Encampment

Part 2 Project 2023
Eden Turner
Arts University Bournemouth | UK
The ethos of this project was inspired by the artist, Augustus John. He drew around him a community of artists and Romani travellers whom he welcomed to live on his large estate. John would paint the everyday lives of the Romani people whether that be working in the local clay pits or drinking in the pub, depicting this often-marginalised community in a beautiful and imaginative light. In essence, he considered the everyday life of the working class and traveller communities a valuable source of artistic inspiration. Today, the clay pits have closed, and the area is a conventional modern industrial estate. In this transition the communities were displaced, and the area’s history was largely forgotten.

My project attempts to emulate Augustus John’s veneration of the everyday, but within the context of the site as it stands now, as an industrial estate. Using the cracks of leftover space, I attempt to create an architectural aesthetic that reimagines the ordinary language of the industrial estate whether that is a security fence or a resilient patch of wilderness. The programme includes a range of artistic facilities that re-introduce artistic and culture output back into the industrial context as it was during the 19th century.

Eden Turner

Jennifer Jane Scott
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