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A Series of Rooms: A New Art Gallery in Kingston upon Hull

Part 1 Project 2023
Yiming Zhou
University of Sheffield | UK
The project proposes a new art gallery in Kingston Upon Hull. Through the making of a series of rooms with varying degrees of connection with the city and its history, the urban fragments and the forgotten industrial past of Hull are revealed and weaved together as an urban collage of a series of things. The temporary exhibition and collection galleries are placed on the first floor, running across the new building to the existing. The arrangement of the collection gallery, which is featured by a careful use of light from the side and framing, creates a sense of promenade to non-realistic places through the juxtaposition between the post-industrial riverscape and Hull’s maritime past depicted in the ship-portrait painter John Ward’s paintings. The tower along the river edge, internally frames a series of views of both the civic towers in the city centre area and the industrial landmarks along the river, externally echoes with the ‘as found’ language of the industrial buildings along the river, and stands as an urban figure, around which the future regeneration of the former industrial part of the city could evolve.
Yiming Zhou

Emily Pieters
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