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Part 1 Project 2023
Anastasija Grigorjeva
Coventry University | UK
Metamorphosis is taking root in post-industrial Digbeth, Birmingham, in a neighborhood that holds immense potential for revival and rejuvenation. It passes on the memory of the planet to future generations by providing the opportunity to subjectively experience the fundamental skills of ancestors and convert them into knowledge.

The concept of the project manifests in innovative industry progression, preservation of the memory of the planet and sustainable architectural development. It fosters a symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature. It provokes the idea of the building to become not only a structure but also vibrant ecosystem that supports biodiversity and enhances the local environment.

The metamorphosis of structure incorporated with the growing trees uncovers dynamic appearance of it: the organic elements grow and change with the seasons. It evolves, responding to the cycles of nature, providing shade and shelter, blossoms adding bursts of colour, and branches reaching out to embrace the surroundings, connecting inhabitants with the rhythms of nature.

Rooted in Digbeth, with the inherent ability to undergo metamorphosis through the growth of living trees, this architectural proposal promises a transformative and enduring existence, bringing Birmingham closer to its utopian idea of the butterfly.

Anastasija Grigorjeva

Tulika Gadakari
Jose Romera Garcia
Hossein Sadri
Iva Stanisheva
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