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The Codex: Volumes I and II

Part 1 Project 2023
Callum Alexander Hewitt
University of Liverpool | UK
"The Codex" is a two-volume submission that celebrates the significance of hand sketching in the design process and its historical link to innovation and creativity. By collating sketches from a Cultural Centre Project and the Berlin Embassy Scheme, the project draws parallels with Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex Leicester, showcasing sketching as a universal language for design. In an increasingly digital age, the project aims to highlight the often-overlooked importance of hand sketching and its skills, especially in schools.

Both projects focus on sustainable, mass timber design, combining modern innovations like Glulam and offsite pre-fabrication with traditional elements such as Japanese joinery. This harmonious blend demonstrates the equal significance of historical techniques and groundbreaking innovations, like 3D Prefabrication.

"The Codex" seeks to inspire architects and designers to recognize the enduring value of hand sketching, emphasizing its vital role from concept to detailed design. By preserving the practice of sketching alongside modern advancements, the submission underscores the necessity of maintaining a balance between historical wisdom and contemporary progress in architecture and design. Overall, "The Codex" serves as a compelling reminder of sketching's timeless importance and its critical place in shaping innovative and sustainable design solutions.

Callum Alexander Hewitt

Mr Torsten Schmiedeknecht
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