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Play at Playtower

Part 1 Project 2023
Kristiana Genka
Ravensbourne University London | UK
Once, Ladywell Playtower was a bathhouse and a home to the local swimmers and gymnast club, however, for the past 20 years, the graceful Victorian building has been neglected.

Play at the Playtower project aims to reawaken the fading charm of the Grade II listed historic structure by exploring the future of work. Inspired by the changes brought by the global pandemic, this project explores how work and private life can co-exist in the same space. As a response, a multi-facility children’s sports centre and a co-working area for parents were designed.

As a part of the Playtower restoration, new extensions were added without disturbing the existing site elements. A tennis court extension was placed at the back of the building, with its shape mimicking the language of the Playtower. Additionally, the co-working pods were placed in the garden between the old trees without chopping them down.

Kristiana Genka

Hwei-Fan Liang
Polina Pencheva
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