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The Cultural Forest

Part 1 Project 2023
Jordan Perry
University of East London London | UK
This project aims to create a space for local community, providing room for cultural production in the developing neighbourhood Bonfim, in Porto, Portugal. The project imagines an urban forest within a derelict Ford Factory which has no clear masterplan for its future development and looks to retain the memory of the existing structures whilst establishing the future experience of the site, for several generations to come.

The project addresses the challenges of City growth and increasing economic pressures whilst developing spaces for local musicians and artists in an environmental and affordable way. A rammed earth tower respectfully rises above the forest and houses adaptable studios for musicians and artists, wrapped in a demountable steel frame acting as a public viewing platforms that give an experience of walking through tree canopies, looking back to the Douro River or over the Historic Centre of Porto. An amphitheatre encourages informal concerts of traditional Fado music, alongside the chime of birds perched in the crown of the forest through the increased the biodiversity of the local area. The design and urban strategy connect the green spaces of Bonfim and invites local communities and tourists to engage and surround themselves in nature and culture.

Jordan Perry

Charlotte Harris
Keita Tajima
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