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To Dwell is Human

Part 1 Project 2023
Mohammad Zahidi
Coventry University | UK
The current world is driven by a capitalistic direction, internet pollution and tech-driven depression, but there is a place of impermanent nature and creative wonder that can escape this. It encourages adventure and exploration and reminds society of the importance of dwelling as a form of counter-culture. But, what exactly does it mean to 'dwell'?

To dwell is curiosity.
To dwell is human.

Economic expansion and mass manufacturing were eventually the foundations upon which Digbeth's architectural language was built. Unfortunately, Digbeth’s current creative communities lie hidden amongst the soot of its industrial past. This meant that there was no place for what Alice would eventually come to ask when she peeked inside the book her sister was reading. "What is the use of a book without images or conversations?" Alice wondered.

Digbeth is like that—a book of words, layered brick on brick with no room for illustrations or dialogue; a painful shift away from celebrating creative diversity and nuances.

This project brings light to this issue; by becoming the rabbit hole to enter Digbeth’s hidden wonderland. Exploring the little interactions between individuals, the timeless experience and happy accidents.

Where do you dream your curiosity will take you?

Mohammad Zahidi

Tulika Gadakari
Jose Romera Garcia
Hossein Sadri
Carl Holloway
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