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The Boat Towers

Part 1 Project 2023
Freddie Bull
University of Sheffield | UK
Located on the banks of the river Humber, The Boat Towers celebrate Hull’s historic boat building and create a hub for people to learn and participate in the craft. The design aims to respond to the area’s declining social-economic situation through creating a landmark to attract investment and visitors to its locality. The boat building workshops are stacked within the towers, connected together by a theatrical boat winch and encircling stairs, providing visitors with views of the craft in action, as well as across Hull and the Humber River. The towers create a beacon in which the historical boat building museum sits around. Hull’s marina is also brought into the building and by effect the community, as it allows the public to row the boats made in The Boat Towers on the surrounding waterways. The towers are designed and detailed to be disassembled using accessible/reversible connections, screw pile foundations and prefabricated components. This allows for parts to be easily replaced when damaged, extending the structure's lifespan. Ultimately the disassemblable towers would travel by water to other towns and cities with similar historical contexts, providing a solution to the social issues first identified in Hull Marina.
Freddie Bull

Rachel Harris
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