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Part 1 Project 2023
Dylan Alan Meaghan
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
Situated on the Wirral peninsula, the deflated maritime economy of Birkenhead has experienced widespread dilapidation under managed decline.

The proposed Solution to the Hamilton dilemma is rooted in the psychology of place and validified with Pre-existing local infrastructure and skill.

The metaphysical implications of altering the typological fabric of an established setting must be carefully analysed beforehand; especially if the site sits within a Georgian conservation area.

Studies From Bartlet show that an Abstraction of a familiar shape can return to its original unabstracted form through the shared mental conscious of a group’s evaluation. The design must not disrupt the cognitive map or schemata of the community, but instead with slight alterations extend the familiar architectural typology.

Through Duality We can utilise the local expertise to Reclaim old ships, incorporating a circular kit of parts approach to pod building. Allowing the architecture to metabolically change in accordance with the needs of the Birkenhead school of art. I believe this can help us reach RIBAs 2030 Climate Challenge as this approach can be adapted from city to city to utilise the infrastructure and skill of local populations, doubling the effect of the architecture via imitation of typology and economic symbolism.

Dylan Alan Meaghan

Jim Sloan
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