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Capital for the Collective: Remnants from the Ashes

Part 2 Project 2023
Victor Lim
University of Strathclyde | UK
What if climate change is inevitable? Fast forward to the year 2100, the most populated cities, including New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and many others, have undergone an irreversible change. Droughts, wildfires, and deserts affect a large portion of the planet’s broad middle band, while increasingly frequent superstorms ruin agricultural lands by bringing seawater further inland in coastal regions. These effects will consequently cause a mass migration of human population polewards to escape these harsh climates. However, there are massive supply of renewable energy resources in the middle band of the Earth that can be extracted and utilised.

The thesis employs this hypothetical premise to ask ‘how can civilisation survive and strive in these harsh climates?’ and ‘what is the re-imagined role of cities to suggest a new energy infrastructure network between cities in different continents’. ‘The Collective’, the new capital city of North America is located at Lower Manhattan, New York. It is a speculative driver and investigative model to cultivate self sufficiency and green sustainability. The narrative aims to re-unite a fractured world in the year 2100, providing a solution for the energy crisis, food shortages and the increasing global displacement of the population. While the United Nations performs as the centralised political body of Earth, the collectives are the heart of the capital.

Victor Lim

Ewan Imrie
Lizzie Smith
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