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Journey of Hope

Part 2 Project 2023
Karolina Stephenson
University of Portsmouth | UK
The subject of regeneration of most deprived urban areas, in general, is a very complex and controversial subject. If to broadly summarise the proposal, it was an attempt to create a series of social-spatial urban strategies and opportunities to develop community tourism initiatives in some form of a smoke screen – as a catalyst to introduce positive changes within Bogota’s stigmatised Ciudad Bolivar neighbourhood.

Ruta De La Esperanza, found during the initial research, is an existing non-profit foundation which set up a guided tour in 2004, in Ciudad Bolivar, in the hope to change people's perceptions about this place, typically known for murderers and crime..

The Journey of Hope ‘plugs' into the Ruta de la Esperanza existing tour run by locals. It supports the foundation ideology and principles to call out for positive change in Bolivar...

The proposed inclusive design strategies are based on adapting, re-purposing, upcycling, regenerating, extending and reusing. Considering these and other interventions the overarching aim was to avoid challenging issues arising from tourism such as gentrification and uprooting and to promote affordability and inclusivity. The design strategies consider incremental and phased-in approaches as well as collaboration with local makers, artists, architects and even chefs! All to deliver safe, good-quality spaces and sustainable economic models, and to instil a sense of civic pride.

Karolina Stephenson

Guido Robazza
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