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Rural Revolution

Part 2 Project 2023
Charles Palmer
University of Brighton | UK
In the face of an aging population, unfit housing stock, generations that are failing to ‘flee the nest’ and continued exploitation of the rural environment reaching dangerous levels, it’s never been more important to explore how we can co-exist and regenerate the landscapes we have plundered.

The historic impacts of manorialism, privatisation coupled with the present-day parcelisation and financial incentives for one size fits all house builders, are not only eroding our landscape but using resources to develop an individualistic culture, detached from the earth we live on.

We know that 68% of people are projected to live in urban areas by 2050 – disconnected from the land we rely heavily upon. This project asks, what if we stop building on new parcels of land? How can we rethink how we build rural settlements, restore a local identity, and replenish the exhausted natural landscape?

By creating a mechanism for a change in ownership structure, coupled with a democratic building system, the project aims to re-democratise the rural realm land use, facilitating the development of a local identity, allowing for the commoning of space and resources to create sustainable rural settlements that can collectively develop their own infrastructure to become self-sustainable and regenerative.

Charles Palmer

Anuschka Kutz
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