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Creative Social Exchange

Part 2 Project 2023
Jareth Sigat
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
The rising of asylum seekers in the Netherlands has risen throughout the years. This phenomenon provides an opportunity to explore the positive impacts that can be gained by the recipient country as well as the refugees themselves. The idea of ‘Art of Making’ as a driven force to connect two different demographics will focus on both parties’ shareable art and cultural elements to create inclusive and engaging social interactions. This will help the refugees adapt and learn about the local culture while simultaneously sharing their cultures with local communities. The strategic idea will hopefully help to soften the social boundary that will lead to a more healthy and sustainable living environment through productivity and cultural diversity.

The development will provide a new settlement typology with sufficient amenities and provide beyond minimal comfort to the refugee community around the ideology of the art of making theme while in the process of their asylum, before relocating to new places for work or living, with the possibility to settle within this urban development as well.

Jareth Sigat

Dominic Wilkinson
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