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North Sea Energy Core: Redefining Energy Infrastructures for a Net-Zero World

Part 2 Project 2023
Scott Mckenzie
Will Tankard
University of Sheffield | UK
In 2022, the global energy crisis spurred the energy revolution towards net zero. This research explores the political, social, ethical, and environmental aspects of this transformation, using architectural language to examine the relationship between physical and abstract systems supporting energy infrastructure.

This project advocates for a multilateral institution to address fragmented governance of international energy. It emphasizes renewable energy as a shared global resource, promoting collaborative efforts for sustainable growth. The proposal envisions an interconnected global energy infrastructure, fostering an equitable and ethical relationship between societies and energy. The focus of the design centres on the North Sea & Scotland, known for its offshore wind power potential and its role as a significant node in the global energy network. The North Sea Energy Core is proposed as an institution to address systematic flaws in the net-zero transition.

By examining UN and governmental project delivery mechanisms, this work highlights the feasibility of the net-zero transition and critiques current political models' inefficiency in addressing the climate emergency. Ultimately, the proposal seeks to celebrate the new energy revolution through innovative approaches to form, materiality, and institutional structure, driving societies towards a sustainable and interconnected future.

Scott Mckenzie
Will Tankard

John Sampson
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