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Part 2 Project 1999
Mauricio san Martin
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
This project is an altermpt to overlap two environmental chains. The first is protect the marine species and the second is to explote them by researching their adequate potential and theatment.

The project tries to integrate the island of "Rey" to the urban vision of Valdivia and is understood like another island where it is possible to harvest shells. Marine harvesting by protection and preservation of endangered species.

The image of this project is taken from a whale run aground. Therefore, the architectural metaphore is to create life where it does not exist. In this way the building is alive because it interacts between ground and water and devolves life to where it is being taken.

The shape comes from the organic line of the 0cean and the space follows the geography integrating the men.

Mauricio san Martin

This project allows us to show several aims and academic interests well defined by our School :

(I) : To contextualize the building in the geographic, historic and cultural context, along with to locate the building among a series of landmarks which are very particular in the Valdivia river basin. This water way relates several historic sites and historic areas from Valdivia city to the Pacific 0cean.

(II) : To experience a dialectic situation with a building which is well defined by the riverside line and undeterminated by the water line of the river that varies depending on the tides.

(III) : To propose a central space, such as a marine farm, that has shelves of schells and of species under risk of extintion. This space is obiously connected to the water and floats freely according to tides' movements.

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