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Edinburgh Place, Hong Kong

Part 2 Project 1999
Matthew Lowther
Carla James
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
The site is located in central Hong Kong, immediately south of Star Ferry Pier, extending from the busy harbour edge passing Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and terminating at the Peak Tram Terminus. The site is defined as a north/south strip, tracing a series of reclamation lines, which form one of the few remaining open public spaces and historical and social heart of the city.

The proposal for a transport interchange incorporates the Star Ferry Terminus, underground stations, bus, taxi and tram station, hotel, shops, kiosks, cafes, restaurant, park and urban square. The design strategy is to extend and reinforce specific existing connections and relationships within the city, to cope with the extreme volume of traffic and define human movement; through the synthesis of architecture, infrastructure and landscape.

The narrative is considered as a north/south route connecting the mountain, city and water, recalling the traditional Chinese dragon promenade ritual. Two primary routes originate from the Peak; one excavated, 'flooded' urban square, below grade provides direct and expedient connection to the waterfront, the other a displaced earth plate, gently rises above grade, upwards above the sea line, providing a promenade walk and seafront park. Building 'shards' connect key transport nodes to existing east/west routes at grade.

Matthew Lowther
Carla James

A year out in Hong Kong prior to undertaking the final year at the 'Mac' resulted in this First Class graduate student undertaking a major study into the transport facilities in the Hong Kong harbour area.

Carla's ability to manipulate large scale ideas resulting in delicate but robust design solutions separate her from the normal student body.

Her responsive, controlled output reflects her ability to grasp 'big' ideas and be able to positively control them.

At the detail design level she shows again a great controlled ability to produce beautiful images of her intended spaces. All the time the work is based firmly in the believable.

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