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A New Library for Canterbury

Part 0 Project 1999
University for the Creative Arts | UK
As submitted by hand

Katharina, like the School’s other submission, has a minimalist approach to her project work and its presentation.

Her plans have a coherent logical order and at first the buildings appear minimal. However, her sections are rich and playful.

In her design of a Library in Canterbury the building relates well to the site. The Foyer occupies half the building and accommodates the public amenities which appear as objects in the foyer space. The Library on the other hand is accommodated in a curved protective structure which is independent of and removed from the foyer to give privacy. The cross section through the building shows this well.

Katharina has been developing and refining a consistent approach to her work over her five years in the School, culminating in her Library project.

Sally Schafer
B.Arch (Hons) Course Director

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