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Part 2 Project 1999
Mada/bogda/petr Buzic/jima/mort
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
The study follows the assimilation of intervention methods in protect historical areas, aiming to preserve the identity by means of conservation and of turning to good account of architectural elements, following, at the same time, the integration of the area and f the buildings in the natural development of the urban tissue.
The area chosen for our study is a section of Calea Victoriei - the most important artery in Bucharest starting with the Middle Age and until after World War II.
Nowadays; the value of the plots of land in this area is a risk factor, then could be controlled through regulations and steady arrangements special created to protect the existing values, meanwhile allowing the city to develop.
The project required that each group of students analyses a limited area marked out within the given perimeter.
Abiding by the given data, the three-student team had to mark out with precision the area chosen for their study and to present supportive arguments in order to justify this choice
The vitality of the former "Podul Mogosoaiei" (Mogosoaia Bridge) - the present Calea Victoriei - led to a constant evolution which in maintaining the old route, modified the built contend, thus resulting the odd nature of the area, with buildings of different periods of time discontinuous areas alternating with coherent sections.
As a results of the analyses - historical (urban tissue development streets content, parceling…), in urban planning (height regime, functions…) and architectural (building styles and state) - we outlined the value synthesis of the study conclusions.
This led to the adopting of a divided solutions into four sub-areas bearing different features involving, on one hand, specific arrangements for each sub-area and, on the other hand, our urban, historical and architectural attitude.
The arrangements decided upon the discussed P.U.Z.I. (the historical city-planning document for the area) ensures the further development of the area changing neither its character, nor its prevalent function.

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Mada/bogda/petr Buzic/jima/mort

Dear Sirs

I have recommended the following students Buzica Madalina, Jiman Ioan-Bogdan, and Mortu Petru, who had developed the team study of Urban Planing and Historical Research.
I have recommended for participation in President's Medals of RIBA.
My recommendation is based on the following reasons:
· The three students have taken the optional course in Architectural Restoration.
· Throughout the course they had remarkable results in all optional courses.
· The project they put forward represents the synthesis of previous formation stages, including the analysis of historical city planning, the synthesis of values and arrangements suggestions.
Out of all the students then took part in this project, they obtained the best results, thus proving complex assimilation skills concerning the problems in the field of urban restoration.
· This coming year, all three of team is going to develop their degree design project.
· I estimate that the three of the team are able to integrate themselves, after graduation, either in the field of practice, or in architectural education.
Yours Prof. Dr. Arch. Sanda Voiculescu

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