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Student Hostel

Part 1 Project 1999
University of Hong Kong, China
Looking downwards at the projecting towers on the site, which are typical residential forms in Hong Kong, I have a different approach towards the project.

I start with the exploration of using long rectangular boxes with standard width & height as the basic units to generate the form. Composite these basic units dynamically though of their rigidity.

There are infinite choices though I maintain the orthogonal relationship. The composition has been considered in terms of zoning, scale & circulation; also the visual impact as a form.

The gesture is an orthogonal structure growing up with the terrain. The way of form-generation is primitive. But I find the purity of form & harmony with site to be wanted.

The spaces are both additive and subtractive. The amenity spaces in between the solid - the courtyards are the essence of the design. Interior and exterior fuse together, revealing the essence of Oriental Architecture. Hall-mates interact & share the identity as a group in these courtyards.

Connections between different courtyard spaces are emphasized. Parts are tightened as a whole. At the same time, varieties create identity. It's the spirit for a student hostel for University of Hong Kong in my mind.

The student's design requests a commitment to architectural and environmental design.

Hong Kong is renowned for its hilly terrain. In fact, only 9% of its total land area is flat lands. The sub-tropical climate gives rise to an evergreen vegetation for most parts of the mountain.

The combination of a shortage of flat lands coupled with a high influx of immigrants from the Mainland contribute to a high-density and high-rise built environment.

The design, in this instance, presents an alternative which takes advantage of three basic elements: courtyard, landscape and terrain.

The student has succeeded to apply her best efforts to produce a design which is derived from the site forces rather than from form itself in this 12 weeks project.

The courtyard concept has been exploited to the best of the student's understanding of the theory. Several instead of one courtyard was employed in her design to suit the terrain and, most of all to offer varieties of amenity spaces for the proposed University of Hong Kong students hostel.

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