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Technological Centre of Furniture Production

Part 1 Project 1999
Leonardo Arellano
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
This project is generated like an answer to the main functional renovation of Manuel Rodriguez Road. This street is located on one of the edges of the city, however, it is
is an essential artuary to the city due to the various industries which originate from this area.

The communication between the residential areas and the city centre is interrupted by urban activities that take place along the road. Hence, the road does not link residential with commercial functions (storage building, garajes, etc.) creating a conflict of social interests fon the residents.

Thus said, this project attempts to connect the activities hold in the residental area (mixed use, small scale industries) with the road. This allows both that residents identify the street with their activity and the road begins to take certain character.

Wooden furniture production is well know in this area and there is a common link to the materiality of traditional house building materials for Concepcion.

Leonardo Arellano

The specific goals in 2nd year take as a central theme architecture and its context. Therefore, the academic year begins with the comprehension of the natural context (the geography), then the built environment (urban context) and finally the social and cultural context.

In this particular year the studio analised a derelicted main road of the city where several sites were chosen by the students in order to develop specific projects. This way of work make the student familiar with the professional practice when one has to generate his own work by offering a project to a potential investor, find the site and design the project according to a programme.

In this case, the student found a site and made prominant the production of furniture that common in the area of Manuel Rodriguez Road. So, this centre is a place where carpenters could get more knowledge or be trained in further technics. At the same time, it is an exhibition centre where small industries on carpenters' sindicates can show and sale their production.

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