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A Centre Of Film and Photography, Clerkenwell.

Part 2 Project 2000
Sean Daly
University for the Creative Arts | UK
The brief which developed, looked to introduce a building which would be a catalyst for urban interaction. An environment of learning which can be used by all, from students studying for an MA in photography, to local residents who can partake in workshops and enjoy the main public facilities, which include a cinema, restaurant and gallery.

The design response looked at the relationship between film and photography; (photography is concerned with the still image, whilst film introduces a dynamic to these). As a consequence to this a series of vertical elements were introduced across the site, these planes were then punctured by a circulating beam which contains the main public concourse, a dynamic street of interaction and participation.

The planes have been designed as light bright elements, which contain the main circulation elements to the upper floors whilst also acting as large canvasses, on which students can exhibit their work. In contrast to these open elements the main working parts of the centre are required to provide a light free environment and these have been articulated as elevated pods which are supported via the lightweight glazed planes. Elevating these elements not only provides a dramatic focus for the design but also allows a visual and physical connection with Clerkenwell Green, a landscaped oasis in the heart of the city.

Sean Daly

Sean is a highly motivated student who is deeply committed to the pursuit of good design. He is not afraid to take risks in his design work and has a firm editorial control of all his B.Arch projects. In the ordering of plans and sections, he exhibits excellent discipline and control.

His main project was for a Centre of Film and Photography located in Clerkenwell, London. His animation sequence of a journey through and around the building was vividly effective in its revelation of Sean's intentions about light, space and interiors.

As part of his research work, Sean undertook the Tenby Lifeboat Competition in which he won Third Prize.

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