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Part 2 Project 2000
Lorena Muñoz Boudeguer
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
Concepción had , up to the 70’s , a long-standing theatre tradition. Nowadays this only stays in the collective memory. Therefore it is necessary to create a space to train those who will revive the ritual- THE ACTORS.
Their training involves OBSERVATION of human beings, their attitudes, emotions and ways of expressing them; THEORY, to understand the evolution of theatre, men and society; and CREATION of characters, born from the observation work but basically from their inner selves... searching the intimate space, the essence, the soul.
These factors are organized, related and integrated by a CONTAINED EMPTINESS...the essential theatre space, free and transferable, inviting to live the theatre ritual; always contained so the actor is the main element in the scene.
In the THEORY space students are spectators, visualy dominating the contained emptiness without getting involved in it.
In the CREATION space students are actors, leaving behind their inmediate reality, the relation with the external world, looking for darkness and isolation... underground, to search their souls, to create.
The Drama School project, as part of Universidad de Concepción, is placed on the axis connecting the university campus and the civic centre due to its need to participate in urban life.

Lorena Muñoz Boudeguer

The value of Lorena's project resides in the fact that it represents her own architectural search based on observation as a tool to experience the city and to understand the actors' trainining.
She has made a 'real act of creation' from a sensitive experience, conceiving actors, spectators, theatre own spaces.
This project is created from a sensitive understanding of the actors and their process of apprenticeship, and as a result of an extensive study, visiting and experiencing the daily activity actors realize at the Drama Schools located in Santiago.
The selection of the place where the project is located responds to the Drama School's own needs and to the city's growth. The way the project is placed is due to the belief in the importance of the empty space for theatre and also in the need to integrate all the factors that are significant in the actors' discipline. However, it also responds to the recognition of its own particular way the city of Concepcion has of inhabiting the interior of the square.
The project is a beautiful answer to a city's necessity, which has been waiting for years to materialize.

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