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Retreat for a Landscape Artist

Part 2 Project 2000
Steven Langman
De Montfort University | UK
The brief was drawn from personal desires. Tied to the luxuries and conveniences of commercialism, yet harbouring a longing for the liberation of a seemingly distant world. A tutor of landscape art in the latter stages of the profession set to step into another phase, a one of relaxation and enjoyment.
A series of site visits and investigations were undertaken throughout the highlands of Scotland in order to absorb the culture, feeling, and general karma of the setting, serving also to release the intensely confounded urban confusions.
The chosen site in Invermoriston is in close proximity to Loch Ness. Set in a hamlet-like location, it exploits spectacular panoramic of the vast highland landscape and hangs over the river Moriston. The contrast in surroundings season to season, day to day, and even hour to hour are immense and extremes in weather and scenery offer a feeling of remoteness. Back to basics linked to outside existence only by a winding track like approach, inevitably cut off in winter months.
The two extreme lifestyles are carried into the conception of the scheme. A stern fronting elevation shuts out the road and turns its back on the past, whilst descending into the heart, towards the river, the plan is almost torn open in the direction of the rapids flow to inhale the new refreshing landscape.
Geometrically planned to best inform aspect and environmental gain the form offers a drama of experiences moulded into a testing yet spectacular setting, whilst addressing elements of public and private interaction with the inclusion of a small gallery and studio. Tactility is paramount and the rustic vernacular approach is adopted and stretched reflecting the nature of technological advancement of old methods.

Steven Langman

This project was the final project of the Graduate Diploma in Architecture, which carried the title of 'Elective'. It is intended to enable students to undertake design in any area of interest to them. In this year, three students elected to produce designs for detached dwellings in picturesque locations.

Steven Langman's project involved the development of a multi-level design which responds to the landscape and views as a 3D form. He has chosen a language of some romantic inspiration, drawing on local materials, with a critical application of twentieth century forms. The project has been taken to a leve that clearly demonstrates continuity from overall form to consruction detail.

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